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Biking in Osaka

Worth it or not?

If anyone has attempted to bike the whole time during their adventure, please let me know. W and I have attempted this as we were visiting in Yokohama this past February and the fact that we were not prepared for this excursion had us lose out on much needed daylight.

Yes, walking is good for the legs and circulation -but I noticed our last trip had us pretty much tiring out our legs so much.

Currently I have a tab open for Rent-a-bike-Osaka and it seems pretty O.K -with delivery also being an option.

If you know of a good place to rent a bike or two for about 7 days in Osaka, please feel free to let me know! (Also, we’d be biking around in chilly temps so if it’s something you feel is not appropriate let me know as well. I wouldn’t want to ruin good money on something if I wasn’t going to make use of it.)



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