Flying out of Guam

A little bit of back story of the island that I hail from -smack dab somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean lies the tiny U.S Territory of Guam. Once ruled by Spain, which then was given to the U.S and then overtaken by the Japanese -then taken back again to the U.S, the island is roughly home to about 160,000 people. A mixed pot of diverse ethnicity -Guam is known  as where America’s day begins.

Lush sandy beaches, blue ocean as far as the eye can see, soft sea breezes and warm island sun -makes you wonder how and why on earth would someone want to get away from this place.

Well, for one thing -you can practically roam the island in half a day and there can only be so many beach party’s you can take before your car can start to look like you took a part of the beach home with you.

Guam weather comes only in two sessions -sunny (hot) and rainy (cold). There are also often the rare chance you can catch a slight downpour whilst the sun is out and your neighbor’s yard from across you is bone dry.


Now while this could seem like a first world country problem, living on guam for all your life and the consistency of seeing sparkling blue waters and the hearts and sunshine that comes along with it -tends to peak your curiosity that there is more to it than just salty sea breezes. 

Like snow, for example.

Thus, leading me to the main point for today’s entry. GUAM’s exact location on the map is a perfect exit/entry way for any destination in Asia. And because Guam’s ever growing economy brings more opportunities in coming in and going out -this gives me an even almost perfect setting in planning what route I should take on next. 

To still keep your interest fixated on to my words (I’ll refer to my current trip planning), Guam was recently listed as Hong Kong Express’s new flight destination -linking up Nagoya, Japan to ..well, me (hahah). And this first maiden voyage will take place Oct 29, 2017 and so forth. During this announcement, HK Express had also released astronomically good flight deals: 1. To experience their services and 2. To experience Nagoya and vice versa.

Now, when your faced with a $248.39/person ticket to Nagoya (when tickets to NGO or to Japan in general roughly costs about $600.00+ not to mention also the blood of your first borne child) -whatsa tight pocket frequent flier like me going to do?

Of course, BOOK IT. (duh)

Seriously, not bad for a Holiday trip. ❤️


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