Never met a train I trust

It is technically ‘Day one’ -post Tokyo trip and I feel like the past week has utterly breezed past me in a blink of an eye.

As promised, my recollection of my Tokyo trip starts today.


Mind you, travel time itself approximately took 12 hours total. That itself included my flight to Manila > Narita > (train ride from Narita) Shinagawa. What was not included in my constant need to photograph everything was the short layover to Manila -which, if you followed me on Instagram (click here if you don’t, because you really should) the only thing I took a picture of was the food I ate and numerous already deleted couple shots ..because honestly, who looks good getting off of a plane? (certainly not I)

Officially, my person and I landed in Narita a little past 8:00pm. Awesome, right? No. It was not. It took a while to physically land the plane on to the runaway as “airline congestion” is a real thing here in Japan. Not only; did we constantly circle around a certain point in the sky -more often that I could remember to count, we also drove around the docking area waiting for a free spot to open up. Not fun. My ass needed to be on a train before 11:00pm as the train ride itself from Narita Airport to Shinigawa took an hour and 30 mins. HO-LY CRRAP. (If you don’t bite your nails, you should consider it as this wasn’t the only struggle getting from Point A to Point B in Tokyo.)

Finally getting past immigration and wrestling with other passengers from other flights to get to the baggage pick up area, the next worrisome thing to tick off on the shitlist was getting a crash course into understanding the train system (Keisei Skyliner -to be specific) at 9:45pm. An 1 hour and 15 mins left. You would not begin to imagine the constant running around the arrival area with a piece of paper in my hand, instructing me to pick up my pre-purchased tickets at the Keisei ticket counter. It seemed easier said than done -however, the instructions didn’t clearly specify just where the damned counter was.

After numerous attempts at ripping the boyfriend’s face off (Sorry, W) -I finally landed myself at the wrong counter with thee most helpful attendant. Despite the fact that he didn’t speak and ounce of English, worked for JTB and didn’t want to sell me his tickets, he kindly motioned his fingers to the floor -signaling me to come to the conclusion I was on the wrong floor. Damn you, Keisei -why must your counter be on the basement where it is not clearly indicated on the paper!

Numerous face rippings later (again..sorry W) and a slight argument with the ticket counter lady for not letting me get onto the 10:05 train ride (she gave us tickets to the 10:15 ride) -We snuck into a very crowded 10:05 train ride bound for Ueno Station. Yay us!

Now came the easiest part -ahead of time, I google-street viewed the location of our AirBnb. I memorized landmarks, like a corner Lawson store and a huge Pachinko building that you cannot miss. (see below)


The only issue that I had was -as you can see from the sample above, things look different in the evening and the front end of that Mystays – Gotanda hotel was currently being renovated and the whole bottom area was boarded up. It does not look like this currently!


The view from our AirBnb -did however make up for the seemingly bad luck we had that night.

I felt like a creeper that night.

Ever had a horrible first time experience in Japan? -specifically the train system? or anywhere else in general? Comment down below and let me know!

Also, trying to get to Japan for the first time? trying to figure out that damned train station -you CAN pre-purchase tickets ahead of time online and pick up at the counter. For, exact instructions in finding that counter, let me know below!

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Until next time ❤


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