Until next time.

I’m basically typing this out on my last layover before heading back to the homeland.

Japan was AWESOME.

If I could jam ramen noodles, tamago, sunshine, and rainbows into a cup -it would pretty much sum up my time well spent in the land of the rising sun.

I will probably backtrack my time -as I had initally planned to blog each and every day of my trip; however, I tend to end my trip with a can of Sakura-flavored Asahi beer -which hence was the reason my blogs never happened.

I will for surely miss riding the trains and vending machine Royal Milk tea -Mode off, Book off, Coco Curry and Sukiya.

At this point in time, boyfriend is sitting devising our next trip (which he claims will be in August, but we shall see) -What months are better suited for cool weather in Japan? -Please do let me know! I come from the land of sunny days, shorts and tanks -coconut trees and sandy beaches. Japan’s near ending winter weather cold nearly killed me in my sleep! (But it didn’t stop me from shopping to my hearts content)

I will end this for now, mina-sama as we should be boarding soon and I feel the need to constantly check that my Tokyo Banana is still safely stored in my backpack. ❤


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