Count down Japan.

It’s pretty hard to keep a blog up to date. Actually, it’s really easier said than done.

My japan trip is currently 4 days away and the only thing I have to show for it is a pending “Japan on a budget post” and a half situated luggage constantly calling my attention in the corner of my room.

My Airport Skyliner and 24 hour subway ticket had just been recently purchased a week back and I’m praying to the travel gods that I don’t get lost. Seoul seemed fairly easy -with the occasional 3 hour delay in finding our destination, but I swear it is only human that your first initiation in any foreign destination is to get completely lost. With that being said, I’m pretty excited. My itinerary for my birthday week seems fairly light, but given that I only have 7 days to explore makes me wish that I had planned for a longer trip.

le sigh.

The highly anticipated “Shimokitazawa” is first on my actual first day -followed by Yokohama, Studio Ghibili Museum and Tokyo Disney..just to name a few. For the past few days, I’ve seen a couple of my friends tour Japan this month -all for the Sapporo Snow Festival. Had I know the dates, I seriously would have planned around it. My biggest regret being the TAS2017 in January. But there is always next year.

more le sigh.

The nostalgia of the trip has not hit me yet -I think it could more be the anxiety that I turn the big san-juu this Wednesday. Nevertheless, work hard in silence -let sucess be your noise. ❤


2 thoughts on “Count down Japan.

  1. I am very excited for you. What a way to celebrate a birthday! Japan is really neat, we went last year and were fascinated by the country and its culture. You are in for such a treat! Have fun and safe travels.


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